Who Do We Endorse?

We endorse those candidates that best support our values and our goals. Regardless of party affiliation. We do not endorse in every race. Sometimes we do not feel comfortable endorsing any of the candidates; other times we simply do not have enough information to comfortably make a selection.

We endorse candidates in both primary and general elections. Often, this means that we endorse some candidates twice. But there are some instances when a candidate only has to win in either the primary or general election to be declared the victor.

We are pleased to announce our 2018 general election endorsements for political and judicial office:

Governor- Adam Paul Laxalt

Attorney General- Wes Duncan

4th Congressional District- Cresent Hardy

US Senator- Dean Heller

Secretary of State- Barbara Cegavske

State Senate District 8- Valerie Weber

Justice of the Peace Dept. 1- James Dean Leavitt

State Assembly- Melissa Hardy

State Senate District 20- Keith Pickard

State Treasurer- Bob Beers

State Assembly District 23- Glen Leavitt

State Senate District 12- Joe Hardy

Lieutenant Governor- Michael Roberson

3rd Congressional District- Danny Tarkanian

Supreme Court Seat G- Mathew Harter

County Commissioner District G- Jim Gibson

Supreme Court Seat C- Jerry Tao