Who Do We Endorse?

We endorse those candidates that best support our values and our goals. Regardless of party affiliation. We do not endorse in every race. Sometimes we do not feel comfortable endorsing any of the candidates; other times we simply do not have enough information to comfortably make a selection.

We endorse candidates in both primary and general elections. Often, this means that we endorse some candidates twice. But there are some instances when a candidate only has to win in either the primary or general election to be declared the victor.


US Senator Adam Laxalt

US Representative District 1 Mark Robertson

US Representative District 3 April Becker

US Representative District 4 Sam Peters

Governor Joe Lombardo

Lieutenant Governor Stavros Anthony

Secretary of State Jim Marchant

State Controller Andy Matthews

Attorney General Sigal Chattah

State Senate District 8 Joey Paulos

State Senate District 20 Jeff Stone

State Senate District 21 April Larsen

State Assembly, District 1 Garland Lee Brinkley

State Assembly, District 2 Heidi Kasama

State Assembly, District 4 Richard McArthur

State Assembly, District 7 Tony Palmer

State Assembly, District 12 Flemming Larsen

State Assembly, District 13 Brian Hibbetts

State Assembly, District 20 Stan Vaughn

State Assembly, District 21 Jon S. Petrick

State Assembly, District 22 Melissa Hardy

State Assembly, District 23 Danielle Gallant

State Assembly, District 35 Tiffany Jones

State Assembly, District 36 Gregory T. Hafen, II

University Board of Regents, District 13 John Moran

County Commissioner District F Drew Johnson

County Commissioner District G Jim Gibson

District Attorney Steven Wolfson

Trustee Clark County School District F Irene Bustamante Adams

Trustee Clark County School District G Greg Wieman

City of Las Vegas – Councilman Ward 4 Bob Beers

City of Las Vegas – Councilman Ward 6 Ray Spencer

Mayor of North Las Vegas Pamela A. Goynes-Brown

Court of Appeals Judge, Dept 1 Rhonda Forsberg

District Court Judge, Dept 11 Ellie Roohani

District Court Judge, Dept 17 Lindsey Moors

District Court Judge, Family Division, Dept A Robert Kurth

Justice of the Peace LV Township Dept 6 Bill Gonzalez

County Assessor Helen Oseguera

County Clerk Bill Young

County Recorder John Evans

Public Administrator Patsy Brown

UNLV Board of Regents District 8 John Rice

UNLV Board of Regents District 7 Susan Brager

Ballot Question 1, 2, 3- NO